artitious – creating an information hub and network between artists and the public.

Artitious is an artist glossary, information hub and social network. Our aim is to connects artists, collectors, curators and galleries. Not only for art professionals, Artitious is a space for the public to learn more about artists, and stay up to date on the latest exhibits and shows. A general calendar page showcases events, which are searchable by artist name, city or date. Our platform hosts a global community of artists and has visitors from over 80 countries. The largest spread is presently in Germany, Russia and the United States, followed by the UK, France, China, Japan, the Netherlands, Italy, Canada, Switzerland, Brazil, and Austria.

How it works for artists:
Artitious enables artists to maintain their own public profiles and a public journal to share news and events. All is free of costs! Our platform features both public and private postings, so you can build a public following and also engage in a closer circle with fellow art professionals. Collectors, curators and galleries are also granted access to the platform, and can take part in discussions on the private message board, which brings together the global art community and opens doors to new networks, collaborations and ideas.

How it works for collectors, curators and galleries:
Artitious will invite collectors, curators and galleries, giving them exclusive access to the platform, so they can not only view, but also interact. Users may also join as special guests by signing up. All such registered members of Artitious can comment on posts, follow artists and share content.

The Artitious Board
Dr Pascal Decker • Philipp von Matt • Markus Peichl • Dirk Schönberger • Dr Birgit Sonna • Dr Alice Trier • Ingeborg Wiensowski • Gudrun Wurlitzer
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