Umfrage zur Arbeits- und Lebenssituation Berliner KünstlerInnen

Herzlich Willkommen zur Umfrage unter Berliner Künstler*innen
Diese Studie soll helfen, die Arbeits- und Lebensbedingungen von Künstler*innen in Berlin zu verbessern. Bereits die Studie von 2011 lieferte wertvolle Impulse und Anregungen. Eine präzise Beschreibung des Ist-Zustandes von 2018 ist erforderlich, um notwendige Schritte und Maßnahmen für die Zukunft vorbereiten zu können. Einige Fragen sind sehr persönlich. Wir sind Ihnen dankbar, wenn Sie auch diese Fragen beantworten. Denn eine fundierte Bestandsaufnahme, die alle Themen einbezieht, ist die notwendige Grundlage, um erforderliche, strukturelle Verbesserungen durchzusetzen.
Alle Daten dieser Umfrage werden vertraulich behandelt und die Auswertung der Fragen erfolgt streng anonym. Sie können bei den meisten Fragen entscheiden, ob Sie antworten oder die Frage auslassen wollen. Kreuzen Sie bitte am Ende der Frage das Kästchen „Keine Angabe“ an oder lassen Sie das Textfeld frei, wenn Sie eine Frage nicht beantworten möchten oder können. Voraussichtlich benötigen Sie für den umfangreichen Fragebogen ca. 45 Minuten. Wir bedanken uns bereits jetzt für Ihre Zeit und Ihr Engagement. Danke, dass Sie an dieser Umfrage teilnehmen!
Die Ergebnisse werden am 24. April 2018 veröffentlicht und stehen dann frei zur Verfügung.
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Open letter from documenta 14 artists

After a first letter (written in September), the artists who participated in the exhibition which took place both in Athens and in Kassel, express again their support for the radical curatorial vision of the event, defending it against the budget managing controversies arisen in the last months. Here the complete message along with a list of all who signed it:
We the undersigned artists, writers, musicians, and researchers who participated in various chapters of documenta 14—the exhibition in two cities under the (working) title Learning from Athens, the Parliament of Bodies, South as a State of Mind, Daybook, Reader, aneducation, Listening Space, Keimena, Studio 14, and Every Time A Ear di Soun—wish to defend the artistic autonomy of documenta 14 against the current focus in media on financial profit and political gain. In light of the recent “scandal” regarding documenta 14’s deficit, the lack of transparency in the process of the discussion of PricewaterhouseCoopers’ audit, the unilateral decisions taken by the board of documenta gGmbH, and their possible effect on the integrity of the entire documenta project, we who participated in documenta 14 feel the need to speak up, following our earlier open letter of September 2017.
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foundwork – an artist platform for the contemporary art community.
Foundwork is a connective platform designed for artists to share their work with curators, gallerists, and other prospective collaborators, wherever they’re based. At the same time, Foundwork is a tool for art professionals and others to research and engage with practicing artists who might not be accessible otherwise.
Foundwork currently features artists who are students or alumni from US MFA programs, including alumni from any class year, and is easy to search by school, class year, and other descriptive filters.
Artists manage their own profiles and upload works using a simple content management system (CMS) built into Foundwork. Art is displayed in a noise-free environment on Foundwork, and artists can share their CV and an artist statement for additional background on their practice. Artists assign different format and attribute tags to their profile and to individual works, informing how they’re contextualized on the site.
Search for artists and artwork on Foundwork intuitively by format (e.g. sculpture, digital, ceramics, etc.), descriptive attributes (e.g. narrative, political, formalism, etc.), MFA program, and other filters. Search by one or more filters at the same time, making your search as broad or narrow as you like. Artists assign their own formats and attributes, so search results reflect the artist’s intent.
Foundwork is a connective platform for practicing artists and prospective collaborators, not a marketplace, and there are no sales conducted on the site. To help people get in touch, each artist’s profile on Foundwork includes a Contact Artist button that makes it easy to reach out by email.
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drip by Kickstarter

Fund your creative practice through the ongoing support of people who love your work.
What is Drip?
Drip is a tool for artists and creators to fund and build community around their creative practice.
How does Drip work?
With Drip, people subscribe to support creators on an ongoing basis. In return, creators open the door to their creative practice — by sharing their process, notes from the field, in-progress previews, and other rewards. It’s a way for creators to build a community of dedicated and meaningful support around the work they make.
What can Drip be used for?
Right now, we have some early guidelines for the scope of Drip. Drip is for the continuous funding of creators, whether people or collectives, who have a creative practice in one or more of our supported categories: visual and performing arts, film and video, publishing, design and technology, music, comics, food and craft, and games.
When can I start a Drip?
Drip is currently in an invite-only period for creators. We plan to open up more early next year, and you can drop your email in at the bottom of the homepage to be notified when we do.
Why an invite-only period for creators?
We’re using the invite-only period to kick the tires, make improvements, launch more features, and take the time to make Drip better before we fully open the doors. This is just the beginning of the Drip experiment. We have a lot more in store, still, so keep an eye out.
I have other questions, where can I go?
Other support questions for Drip are covered in our FAQ.

Statement by the Shortlisted Nominees of the 2017 Preis der Nationalgalerie

November 9, 2017
As the four shortlisted nominees for the Preis der Nationalgalerie, we have decided to release a joint statement concerning our experience. Our statement is a means to highlight and recommend changes to three problematic aspects of the prize, which we find indicative of broader and growing trends in the art field and therefore deserving of a public ear.
Link to the statement by Sol Calero, Iman Issa, Jumana Manna, and Agnieszka Polska on →

Marina Abramović Distills Her Art and Life Into… a Macaron

For her latest project, Marina Abramović invites us to taste her.
Macaron fans around the world, rejoice! Art giant Marina Abramović has just introduced her very own version of the French delight.
Abramović is the first subject of a new series titled “Pastry Portrait,” the brainchild of art advisor Raphaël Castoriano, whose company, Kreëmart, pairs luxury bakers (in this instance, macaron giant Ladurée) with contemporary artists to create work using the medium of sugar.
Link to the article by Naomi Rea on → artnet news

Artist Run Alliance

Artist Run Alliance
Welcome to the Artist Run Alliance
an international platform for artist run initiatives – a term typically including artist co-operatives, independent galleries and art spaces.
The Artist Run Alliance (ARA) came about through a need for artist run initiatives in many parts of the world to connect and interact through a global network, in the process building relationships based on a shared vision.
Organized by the Alfred Institute for Art and Culture, the idea for the Artist Run Alliance has grown out of our work as an independent, non-profit art space. The supportive community necessary to coordinate the activities of an artist run initiative will be extended through a broader context, in effect cultivating a collaborative ecosystem of creative professionals.
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acute art – the world’s first Virtual Reality arts platform

Acute Art is the world’s first Virtual Reality arts platform, a gallery without walls that lets you experience the cutting edge of interactive art anywhere in the world.

Welcome to the world’s first VR arts platform, producing and distributing contemporary art at the cutting edge of virtual reality and interactive technology. Premiering with three of the world’s leading contemporary artists; Jeff Koons, Olafur Eliasson, and Marina Abramovic, Acute Art’s mission is to explore and enable the transition from art in the physical world into the new, disruptive realm of VR.
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more information on → dazed digital
“The project officially launches in Autumn 2017 with plans to bring in young and emerging artists.”

Luxembourg Art Prize

Der Luxembourg Art Prize ist ein internationaler Preis, der in jedem Jahr Talente, die Amateure oder Profis sein können, aufspürt, gleich wie alt sie sind und welcher Staatsangehörigkeit sie angehören. Dieser Preis soll die Karriere unbekannter Künstler beschleunigen, indem er ihnen eine professionelle Galerie zur Verfügung stellt, zunächst im Rahmen einer Gruppenausstellung, dann im Rahmen einer individuellen Ausstellung des Preisträgers.
Um den Preisträger bei der Vorbereitung und Planung seiner persönlichen Ausstellung in der Galerie zu unterstützen, erhält er ein Preisgeld von 25.000 Euro (ca. US$27,500 GBP21,000 CHF27,500 CA$37,500 JPY3,100,000) von der Galerie für die Ausgabe 2017 des Preises.
Alle Unkosten der Künstler werden von der Galerie übernommen
anlässlich ihrer Ausstellung des Luxembourg Art Prize 2017 (Transport und Versicherung der Werke, Flug- und Zugtickets, Unterbringung in einem 4-Sterne-Hotel mit Vollpension). Dies gilt auch für die Unkosten einer Person ihrer Wahl, die sie ins Großherzogtum Luxemburg begleitet.
Der Preis richtet sich an die Künstler, die eine oder mehrere der folgenden Praktiken verwenden: Zeichnungen, Druck, Installationen, Gemälde, Darstellungen/Performance, Fotografien, digitale Kunst, Skulpturen, Klangkunst, Video, Mixed Media, dekorative Kunst (Textil und Materialien, Glas, Holz, Metall, Keramik, Mosaik, Papier oder weitere Techniken).
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Carmen Herrera for AKRIS

101-year-old artist Carmen Herrera collaborated with AKRIS for the latest collection.
“I had only one wish,” Kriemler told artnet News about his feeling after seeing the work. “To meet her on my next New York visit.” Kriemler’s wish was granted. He met the artist in May 2016 on her 101st birthday. The meeting would spawn a collaboration that resulted in Kriemler’s Spring 2017 collection for AKRIS.
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Ausstellung – how time flies | Mario Fischer

Mario Fischer – how time flies
how time flies by Mario Fscher @ black flamingo projects
black flamingo projects shows a site-specific work
“how time flies” by Mario Fischer
opening Sunday, April 23 from 5-8pm
haubrok foundation – collected attitudes
open studios by the participating artists at FAHRBEREITSCHAFT
additional opening:
gallery weekend special 29.4.-1.5.2017, 12-6 pm
black flamingo @ Fahrbereitschaft, Herzbergstr.40-43, 10365 Berlin
facebook event

wall that unites – a global project

Walls shouldn’t divide us, they should unite us.
Wall That Unites is a global project to create artworks of hope and unity, that when stitched together will match the length of the proposed Mexican border wall – 1,900 miles.
But to do that, we need your help.
We need you to join the movement – be it pick up some paint, donate a wall, or spread the word.
Together we can send a clear message that it’s with unity, not division, that we’ll make America great.
Let’s build a great wall.
project Website → Link
“To achieve our goal of 1,900 miles (3060 km) we are going to need a lot of help.
All you have to do is create a piece of art on a wall with a message you want to be heard. (A painting, a projection, a chalk drawing, anything you can imagine…) Then measure it and write the width of the wall and post a pic with #WallThatUnites. We’ll add it to our wall, getting us all closer to 1,900 miles.”
Mike Blanch

art for all

Art for All is a project that extends UNIQLO’s engagement with artists and accessible art products. Inspired by the artists Gilbert & George, who used the motto “Art for All” as their mission statement, the project documents the history of artists’ products from both artists who pioneered this medium and from an emerging artistic generation.

enter art foundation

EAF ist ein philanthropisches Konzept mit der Absicht, Künstler zu fördern und deren Bekanntheitsgrad zu steigern.
• EAF is a non-profit organization financed entirely through sponsors.
• artists receive 100% of all sales.
• admission to EAF‘S exhibitions are free for the public.
• EAF’S exhibitions take place in cities around the world in coordination with various international art fairs.
• EAF supports emerging artists and brings them in contact with gallerists and patrons.
• EAF provides free exhibition space to its artists.
• EAF fosters a dialogue between artists and visitors.
• EAF’s team of curators, artists and marketing experts is available to its artists for all questions concerning their careers.

Link to → EAF’s website

minimum copyright and professional fees calculator

The minimum copyright and professional fees calculator was created by CARFAC ( Canadian Artist Representation / Le Front des Artistes Canadiens) and RAAV (Regroupement des artistes en arts visuel du Québec), two not-for-profit artists associations dedicated to the betterment of living and creating conditions for visual and media artists. Together they administer a copyright management society that offers its services to Canadian and Quebec artists: CARCC – Copyright Visual Arts / Droits d’auteur Arts visuels.
The information and rates displayed in the calculator are a condensed version of a more complete document called CARFAC-RAAV Minimum Copyright Royalties and Professional Fees Schedules (in French: Grille RAAV-CARFAC de redevances minimum de droit d’auteur et d’honoraires professionnels).You can access this information here.
link to the fee calculator
more tools for artists at – artist’s fee guidelines, copyright for visual artists, artist’s contracts, and more.

How Young Artists Are Setting Prices for Their Work

Pricing is art’s Pandora’s box. An equation predicated on the often conflicting interests of quality and demand, the price of an artwork must take into consideration all kinds of variables, from standardized factors like size and production, to more capricious considerations like provenance and likability. For young artists, pricing represents an obstacle whereby they must assign value to a product that (in most cases) intrinsically refutes such a reductive classification.
Link to the → ARTSY editorial by Kat Herriman

how artists are fighting back

how artists are fighting back against the Fashion Industry’s Plagiarism Problem
Does the fashion industry have a plagiarism problem? It’s a question the average consumer wouldn’t necessarily think to ask. Walk into a store, snap up a $10 graphic t-shirt, swipe your credit card, walk out. Everything about the transaction feels perfectly above board. But who created the image? Recently, a slew of independent visual artists have come forward to accuse various major fashion brands of using their work without permission or payment.
Link to the → ARTSY editorial by Isaac Kaplan

artist films at Kino International

Wednesday 14 september 2016 – curated by marc glöde
artists: erik van lieshout, lawrence weiner, christopher roth, stephen prina, vajiko chachkhiani, sharon lockhart, yuri ancarani, cerith wyn evans, sarah morris, ugo rondinone, barbara hammer, kenneth anger, kenneth anger

Stefan Simchowitz Blasts Dealers

Stefan Simchowitz Blasts Dealers and Their ‘Fictional Powers of Persuasion’
He insists that galleries must let go of archaic business models
Should the art market be more democratic? Is the art world’s protectionist philosophy outdated? As the size and speed of the art market has accelerated in the 21st century, is it time to rethink the way in which the art market conducts business?
In a globalized market worth $63.8 billion, many art businesses continue to operate a highly selective sales strategy, selling only to well-known collectors, or “placing” artworks into the collections of important institutions.
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