Cindy Sherman for MAC makeup

Cindy Sherman fronting a MAC makeup collection? What took them so long? In some ways, when you consider why we wear makeup, this seems the perfect collaboration. We do it to play up and manipulate our features; to peacock, colour in, draw moons of light around our eyes and shades of suggestion on our lips, to make ourselves more visible. The other, not unrelated motive, is to hide in plain sight.
Most makeup campaigns, unsurprisingly, use beautiful models to impress upon women how wonderful the cosmetics will make them look. Also, to make them feel inferior, ugly, and more likely to reach for their purse.
It has positioned itself as the makeup company of outsiders and artists: all the people who want to be different, to be utterly transformed, much, much more than they want to be pretty.

Link to the article by Kira Cochrane at The Guardian